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Employment Screening

Is your screening company damaging your brand?

The screening company that you choose to work with affects your reputation. If the company treats an applicant poorly or doesn’t respond in a timely manner, it will reflect poorly upon you.  As a part of providing the best service, ACRAnet does regular consumer outreach to job seekers, and we invariably hear stories of inaccurate screening and slow or no responses from screening company that abused them. The job seeker rarely remembers the screen companies name, but they always remember your name.


When choosing an employment screening company, be wary of those that provide “national searches,” a term that is blatantly misleading because national searches don’t exist.  Additionally, know that those who offer “instant results” are not going to give you the accurate information you and your applicants depend upon.  Finally, keep in mind that if the screening company isn’t giving you impeccable customer service each and every time you call, they are probably being even less responsive to your applicants, who will see that as a reflection on you.


Name and address history, comprehensive multi-state criminal


Name and address history, comprehensive multi-state criminal, employment credit report


Name and address history, comprehensive multi-state criminal, federal criminal.


There are a variety of licensing and other considerations involved when hiring for federal and state agencies, and these often extend to government contractors. Employees and contractors may need to meet certain licensing requirements or pass Homeland Security validation. ACRAnet works with groups such as U.S. government agencies and nuclear facilities to vet:

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Guests

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